The Retromantics | THE BAND
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Retro who?!?

Hi! We’re the Retromantics!

Formed in 2001 (whoa, it’s our 15th this year), The Retromantics had been an acapella-only band for the first few years. The original lineup consisted of Jan Zander, Bart Proeve, Frank Lüders, Frank „Chuck“ Söchtig and Marcus Gebert – all of whom had been singing in band projects before, featuring such well-known names as The Chotalls, The 4 Dimes and The Fairytales. It was in 2006 that we decided to add instruments to our live shows and also adjust our musical goals from the more technical acapella standards to the danceable, uptempo Doo Wop sound that we are playing today.

Being a „boy group“ (in the original sense of the word – not the cheesy one) worked fine for several years, but it wasn’t until Denise joined the group that we were able to give a finishing touch to our sound and arrangements. Finally, we were able to fill the whole bandwidth of background voices and also to do the songs that are only working with a female lead voice. Imagine Jan singing „One fine day you’re gonna want me for your boy“ – nope, wouldn’t work.

The strategy turned out to be right – soon we were invited to play gigs and festivals all over Germany and Europe, from Uddevalla in Sweden to Spain’s Eldorado of Doo Wop – Barcelona.

After some changes in the lineup, we were able to force some of the finest singers and musicians into signing our soul-selling contract, featuring such illustrious names as Lutz Degenhardt, Randy Richter and Manuel Boeglin as one of the lead singers. Our latest addition – and completing the band in more than one reference – is Hendrix, the „new kid in town“ playing drums.


Lead, Background

Denise is the main voice of the band, being both a fantastic lead singer and a backgound singer opening new heights to our background section. 20 years of band experience might have made her seen a lot, but she remains unique and experimental, always looking for variable interpretations of the classic Doo Wop sound. By this, she has added a lot to forming the Retromantics sound.


Lead, Background, Double Bass

To call Jan a singer and double bass player with the Retromantics would be the perfect understatement. Being into music from his youngest days on, he is able to play almost every instrument you could imagine – and even some you would never imagine. We won’t stop here, as Jan is also the band competence for songwriting, musical supervision as well as planning and sewing our band outfits (yeah, right – sewing).


Lead, Tenor, Baritone

By character, Manuel would be placed best in the first row of the front section on stage – an original entertainer, keeping the audience at short distance with both his appearance and his fantastic lead voice. Whenever he has to step back from the lead microphone, he fits into the backline of the band perfectly, being able to sing the lower, middle and high background voices in our songs.


Tenor, Baritone

As one of the founding members of the Retromantics, Bart has been around since the first days (or nights, it was) of the Retromantics. Variably jumping from low to high background voices (and back), he is able to fill all gaps and help create our full and widespread, though remarkably compact sound. With his settled character, he often enough is the calming influence needed on stage.


Bass, Lead

Lutz is adding a big portion of soul to the band’s list of benefits. Always looking for a special twist in the well-known (and sometimes a bit worn-out) original songs‘ settings, he uses this ability to contribute to the Retromantics‘ arrangements. The band’s bass (and part time lead-) singer is also one of the entertaining pillars of the group, keeping tight contact to the audience.


Guitar, Backgrounds

Being asked to name the most influential Rockabilly musicians in Germany today, Randy will surely be among them. Giving impulse and character to so many of the current top-list bands has made him a well-known face on LP covers and festival stages around the world. Randy is playing his excellent guitar with the Retromantics, qualifying us for an original, yet unique fifties sound.



Hendrik (or Hendrix, as we like to call him) is the latest addition to the Retromantics‘ setup, and the last we would want to make. Keeping us at perfect pace and rhythm, this young talent plays the drums with a lot of routine and self-confidence. His range varies from slow hand to tasmanian devil – both in one song, if needed.

Friends we met on the road

On the way to what we are today, we’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the greatest friends and DooWop musicians available. Thanks buddies, we’ve had some great times with you:

Frank Lüders  |  Frank „Chuck“ Söchtig  |  Marcus Gebert  |  Uwe Rathje  |  Karsten Jordt